About Me

Hi I am Jason Lim. Welcome to my blog Jdealmmo. I started my internet marketing and make money online journey since 2011. It wasn’t an easy journey I had a lot of struggles and frustrations throughout. I was finally able to make a consistent full time income in 2017 and quit my job. It was a one hell long of a ride.

However looking back, everything was worth it. Ever since I made a good income online full time, I was able to live life on my terms without any financial worry. It was a pipe dream turning into reality.

I no longer have to wake up early in the morning, snooze my alarm clock nonstop and drag my feet to work. I remember going to work on Monday to Friday every week with my puffy eyes and yawning every 5 minutes, with all that hard work only to be building someone else’s dream.

How It All Started

It all started back in 2011 while I was still a student and was going to graduate that year. My classmate introduced to me a money making opportunity called Forex trading. I saw him making money daily while in class. Since then, I was so glued to the idea of making money with your laptop so I decided to give it shot.

He taught me a few tricks and techniques and I invested $200 on it. That was all the money that I could invest as I was still a student and did not have much money. However, I lost all of it within a week and could not continue as I do not have much money left. It was not as easy as I had thought.

So I began searching for ways to make money online. That was when I stumbled across an internet marketing forum called the warriorforum which was very popular back then. In 2011, I graduated and had to serve the military in my country in Singapore for 2 years. My monthly allowance was about $400. I would spend most of my money on courses bought from the warriorforum called WSO.

I remember buying countless of courses every month. Reading e-books and videos on making money online daily during my free time. I have tried many different techniques and tricks to make money online but most of them did not produce me good results. I was chasing after new shiny objects everytime and did not take the necessary action to make money. I did not realise I was just addicted to learning and not taking enough action, only to be quiting halfway when faced with obstacles.

In 2013, I finished my military service and came out in defeat. I thought I was able to make a full time income online given the time I had for 2 years of grinding and need not go out to the workforce to work but I failed miserably. I had to find a job for income and eventually, I got a job as a software consultant. Throughout these years, I did not stop my habit of learning and buying courses. I knew one day I would definitely make it and will not stop in achieving my dream lifestyle.

In around 2013-2015, I was active in creating niche affiliate websites. That was when I achieved some success in making money. I bought a course called Google Sniper. It was a very popular course back then and was the number 1 Clickbank product. I applied the strategy taught in the course and was making about $500-800 per month.

However, Google penguin and panda update came and my sites no longer ranked. I was using blackhat techniques to rank my website. After that, I was back to square one and began finding new ways to make money online again. Since then, I was more experienced in internet marketing and had some success here and there. I made a few hundreds of dollars up to a thousand per month. But it was not consistent enough to quit my job.

In 2016, I discover Ebay dropshipping and have sold more than $1 million by the end 2017 and is still running strong as of today. Sales were growing consistently and I was able to quit my job in 2017. It was my first real success in making money online.

After my success, I continue to build other streams of online income in affiliate marketing and running my own digital advertising agency in my country. One of the most important lesson I learn throughout this journey is to not stop what you started and to see through it till the end. Entrepreneurship is about overcoming obstacles and solving problems.

In this blog, I will share with you my best knowledge and experiences in making money online and to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.