Affiliate marketing without website

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?

Doing Affiliate Marketing With No Website

Most beginners always have the impression that they need to build their own website to start with affiliate marketing or online business. There are a few top affiliate marketers that have done it without a website as well. Yes, that’s true!

All you need to do is find out some strategies that actually work. There are a number of ways to do affiliate marketing, even when you do not have a website. What holds value is to know how you can send targeted visitors and buyers to your affiliate site. This guide will give you some helpful ways to do affiliate marketing. Read on!

1. Through Your Social Media Accounts

Being an affiliate marketer requires you to have a strong online presence; if not in the form of a website, it can be through your social media accounts. Having a lot of followers or an audience gives you the ability to promote your affiliate product. However, if you do not have enough followers or an audience, then you should not focus on promoting any products yet and instead grow your social media accounts.

Having Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest account can serve as a good start. You can also build a targeted audience in your niche that will engage on your related post or content. However, it would be best if you were providing value to your audience first. Only then will they be inclined to proceed to click the link.

Remember that you must post content that goes well with the niche. Posting irrelevant content does not convince people; in fact, you will drive away your audience if you try to be too salesy.

A healthy tip? Use graphics, such as images and video content, to grab your audience’s attention.

2. Writing an E-Book

In this world of digitalization, most people would read books through their laptop or phone. Only a minority will read from hard cover books. Around 80% of people prefer online books (what we call e-books) to read, gain knowledge and learn a new skill.

There are affiliate products and services that are newly launch almost everyday. A few examples include Clickbank products, which mainly focus on digital products and also Amazon which focus on physical products that can be promoted in the ebook. These range from something as small as a beauty product, such as a cleansing roller, to something big, such as Twelve Minute Affiliate – a full-fledged affiliate marketing system. 

If you are good at writing, this way to do affiliate marketing is probably a good method to go with. Using the right words and persuasive language, the power to convince readers is all on you. As a writer, you must know how and what makes an audience inclined towards something. If you hold that kind of copywriting skill, put it to use for your affiliate marketing business.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you must acquire enough knowledge of the product you are going to write your e-book on. You need not have multiple ebooks just to make a decent income; even a few with the right description, persuasive language, and affiliate links can work. In a short time, it will be your readers who will be promoting you as a trusted source.

3. Joining Online Forums and Communities

Online forums and communities are emerging, and a lot of people refer to such online groups right when a question appears in their minds – these can also be used to promote your affiliate links. Of course, there must be people who are desperate or obsess in looking for a similar solution. Your affiliate link and a relevant post can be the solution to some potential problems. 

You need to be very mindful when posting on online forums and communities. Start with choosing the ones that have relevant discussions. Then, check the forum and community guidelines to understand what kind of posts you can make, and what you can’t. As soon as you find an appropriate forum or community, become a member and be active. 

This helps people in trusting you. A member that joins the discussion or posts very rarely is not considered to be credible. Compared to that, an active and participating member is more trustable and followed well. 

As you post your affiliate links, you can answer the relevant questions that people often ask regarding a problem in your niche. As you offer solutions into their queries and problems, your readers will be happy to trust you. This way, you need not build your own website when you have a large community. 

4. Using Email Campaigns 

Email marketing is another powerful medium to promote your affiliate links and products. This also helps you to make money on demand by sending out a promotional email. It might take some effort to build an email list of audience but it will pay off in the long run. You can market to your email list everytime there is a new product or services in your niche and make money for years.

As you write an email, make sure that its subject is engaging enough to ensure that people actually read your emails. Therefore, always come up with an interesting topic, write great content, and include affiliate links. This can mainly help in enhancing your credibility, as well as your future profits. 

5. Starting a Youtube Channel

Having your own YouTube channel can be quite challenging, but has proved to be even more effective for affiliate marketing than a website or a blog. You might be thinking that you need to be a YouTuber in order to be a successful affiliate marketer, but that’s not the case.

Making some simple and creative videos that appear to be useful and informative for the viewers is a great way to start. Whiteboard animation video works really great and you don’t have to show your face. You might end up becoming a YouTube star. Who knows? 

The key is to create relevant and productive content that enhances viewers’ knowledge about the topic or niche. Also, YouTube is a great way to promote products in a trusted and credible way. If you work consistently, you can build a massive audience in a short period of time.


So, what are you waiting for? With so many amazing and interesting ways to become an affiliate marketer, you do not need to build your own website to get started. These have proven to be highly effective and even more attractive than a website. Use any of the ways that you think can work well for you. This way, you can start affiliate marketing right away. Build up your confidence and showcase your knowledge and skills! 

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