Convertkit Review

ConvertKit Review: A Brutally Honest and Must-Read Guide for Online Creators

Is ConvertKit the Right Email Marketing Solution for You?

Let’s find out.

Welcome to my honest and in-depth ConvertKit review where I’m going to talk about everything you wanted to know about ConvertKit, who is it for, features, pricing, etc.

If you’ve been looking for the best email marketing service provider then you have come to the right place.

Before we get into the meat of this blog post, let’s talk about email marketing briefly.

Undoubtedly, email has evolved from being a means of exchanging messages between two people or companies to being a powerful tool to grow your audience and increase revenue.

Stats don’t lie…

A report suggests that in 2019, 3.9 billion people exchanged emails. And this number is expected to increase now that marketers have incorporated email marketing for content distribution and audience building.

Besides, marketers who spend at least $1 on email marketing have reported an average ROI of $42.

Email marketing spending versus revenue generated

(Email marketing tats)

As you can see, email is not only a powerful content distribution channel but is also an excellent tool to leverage when you want to build a huge following and increase revenue.

But even with the effectiveness of emails, without the right tools, you aren’t going to see great results.

You have to work with effective software that will help you automate email marketing so you can focus on content creation.

Now, the challenge comes when you want to choose the right email marketing software. There’s a wealth of tools that offer email marketing services out there and picking a suitable one for your business can be challenging.

In this guide, you’ll learn about ConvertKit– one of the best upcoming email newsletter providers in the email marketing sphere.

Does it live up to its promises? Is it the best one for you? What’s the ConvertKit pricing? What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Keep reading to learn the answers to all these questions.

From the ConvertKit official website, the company promises to help you focus on creating content as you leave all the email marketing hassle to the tool.

The tool promises to have remarkable features to help you connect with your audience, grow your email list, and expand your business without a hassle.

Come inside and see whether ConvertKit delivers the promises made.

ConvertKit Review – Overview

What is ConvertKit

Product Name: ConvertKit


Founder: Nathan Barry

Pricing: Starts at $29.00 per month Or Annually $25/mo.

Free trial: Available

Best for: Podcasters, professional bloggers, authors, makers, YouTubers, poet, painters, musicians, chefs, designers, teachers, etc.

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ConvertKit is one of the latest email marketing solutions on the market. It is one of the awesome email marketing software for professional bloggers, e-commerce marketers, and other content creators.

The tool is easy to use and comes with remarkable features that help in the management of your email list, segmentation, form building, etc.

For who this email marketing solution is suitable for, the reasons why you should use it or any other question you might be having about it, continue reading this detailed ConvertKit review to learn more.

What is ConvertKit?

If you’re a professional blogger, attracting people to your content is one thing, and staying in touch with them even after they’re gone is another. Equally, for an e-commerce marketer, attracting people to your online store can be less a hassle, but keep them updated with your latest offers can become an uphill. Email marketing makes it possible to achieve all the situations above and have a powerful tool that lets you do email marketing without sacrificing your content creation time is worthwhile. That’s where ConvertKit comes in.

Generally, ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing software that lets you build and manage your email list, send emails to a ton of your email subscribers by automating the whole process. ConvertKit also lets you send the right emails to the right subscribers at the right tool through tagging and segmentation.

Besides, with its easy-to-embed and custom opt-in forms, ConvertKit lets you turn readers into subscribers.

If you’re looking for a tool to grow your online business then ConvertKit would make the best option for you.

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Still not sure whether ConvertKit is not a suitable email marketing solution for you?

Here is the plain truth:

If you’re looking to build a lasting relationship with your readers, you’re a blogger and you’d like to share your content with your readers regularly then ConvertKit is worth the try.

In short, ConvertKit is for:

  • Professional bloggers.
  • Podcasters.
  • YouTube creators.
  • Those who’re looking to use third-party platforms to integrate with ConvertKit

Or to make it simple, if you’re a professional creator looking to grow your business online then ConvertKit is for you.

ConvertKit Review: The Good.

Easy to use

ConvertKit's ease of use

Source: Capterra

ConvertKit is created with beginners in mind. It has a straightforward UI thus making it easy to build and automate emails even if you aren’t a tech-savvy user.


ConvertKit allows users to integrate third-party platforms without a hassle. If you’re a professional blogger using the WordPress platform, you can integrate ConvertKit with a single click.


ConvertKit is tag-based, unlike other email marketing solutions that are list-based. The tool lets you segment your email list so you can send targeted emails to specific subscribers as you want.

Auto-resending emails

Not all people are going to open your emails. ConvertKit lets you auto resend emails to users who have not clicked on your emails.

Unmatched support

ConvertKit offers 24/7/365 live chat and email support to its users. Not all email service providers offer this feature.

Regular updates

ConvertKit is always updated with new and incredible features regularly to meet the ever-changing users’ needs.

ConvertKit Review: The Bad

ConvertKit's negative reviews

Source: G2

A/B split testing could be better

One area I don’t like about ConvertKit is that it only lets you do A/B split testing for your subject lines only. This means that you cannot test the sender’s name or the email itself. Besides, the tool offers only two subject line variations.

If you’re looking to create more than two subject line variation for A/B split testing then you will find this software limiting.

You cannot customize “cold” subscribers

“Cold” subscribers are people who aren’t active but have signed up for your email list. While ConvertKit will add these subscribers to the “cold” tag, it does not allow customization of these subscribers.

Insufficient template customization

ConvertKit lacks enough templates customization. If you want to create a new template, then you will have to know how to use the HTML.

Cleaning up of your email list is difficult

See, there is no need to have 1 million subscribers when only 100,000 are opening your emails. That’s why it is advised to do a regular clean-up of your email list. Unfortunately, with ConvertKit, it’s difficult to do this.

Reasons Why ConvertKit is Loved By Many Online Creators

ConvertKit reviews

Source: Capterra

Even though ConvertKit is still the new child in the town, it’s loved by many online creators. In fact, many have moved from other email marketing tools to ConvertKit as I write this ConvertKit review.

Here are a few reasons why many people love and hate ConvertKit with equal measures.

Delivery of the right emails to the right people

Part of the reasons why you will love doing email marketing with ConvertKit is that instead of adding your subscribers to a list, the tool lets you add them to tags. This way, you can send the right offers to the right people.

Email automation

ConvertKit lets you send emails automatically to your subscribers based on specific triggered actions. ConvertKit’s visual automation builder lets you set individual automation rules (if this, then that) then the tool does the rest while you focus on creating content.

ConvertKit has a high deliverability rate

This is the secret which perhaps, keeps ConvertKit at the top of the best email marketing platforms out there.

The email deliverability rate is a measure of the number of people who receive sent emails.

For instance, let’s say you broadcasted an email to 1,000 subscribers, how many of them received that email.

ConvertKit lets you use simple or basic designs to prevent your emails from getting into the “spam folder” of the recipients using simple email templates.

Unmatched customer support

Convertkit unmatched customer support

ConvertKit has both live and email support. Users can seek help at any time from anywhere. Aside from the live and email support, you can use their available video tutorials or documentation to solve a problem you’re experiencing when using the tool.

ConvertKit Sign Up Process

ConvertKit Sign Up Process

How to register for ConvertKit.

As mentioned above, ConvertKit’s straightforward UI makes the sign-up process easy even for non-tech savvy users.

When registering for ConvertKit, you have two options to choose: whether you’re moving from another email marketing platform or you’re creating your email list for the first time.

Migrating from other email marketing provider to ConvertKit

You will then enter your email address and set your preferred password.

ConvertKit offers a 30-day free trial for up to 1000 subscribers.

Note that you will not be able to start broadcasting emails until your account is approved. So you need to send your website link to ConvertKit for approval.

Once inside the ConvertKit dashboard, you will see all the features, and on the right side is a helpful tutorial to guide you on how to work with your ConvertKit account.

Once your account is approved, you can start sending emails immediately.

ConvertKit Remarkable features

ConvertKit comes with top-notch features that let you use the tool to achieve your desired goals.

The first remarkable feature is:

Email Designer

Insert a video showing ConvertKit’s email designer feature.

Writing emails that convert is no easy thing. Besides, not all emails you send will land in the inboxes of the recipients. And if they land, not all or none of them will convert readers into customers.

So, you need a tool that can help you to write and edit emails. ConvertKit’s email builder lets you create simple emails that aren’t only going to land in inboxes of your subscribers but have a higher conversion rate. Besides, the email designer is simple and easy to use.

Perhaps what you will need to do is to change the font color and size or a few basic things but the rest is done by the tool.

Generally, ConvertKit lets you send plain text emails that are likely to get read by your recipients.

The email designer also lets you personalize emails.

Landing Page Builder

Insert a video showing ConvertKit’s landing page builder

ConvertKit’s landing page builder lets you create beautiful landing pages that look fabulous on all devices in minutes without touching a single code.

You just use the tool’s fully customizable templates, create attention-grabbing landing pages, and grow your email lists.

ConvertKit’s Opt-in Forms

ConvertKit custom sign up form

ConvertKit lets you create custom and GDPR compliant sign-up forms using responsive templates with customizable designs where you can add custom fields for lead magnet delivery. Note that ConvertKit doesn’t charge you double for a subscriber who signs up for your newsletter unlike other email marketing tools out there.

Email Automation

Email Automation

To be successful with email marketing, you need to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Time zones are different. And people’s inboxes are already grappling with a ton of messages. If your emails are buried in a heap of other emails, your recipients won’t see them. That’s why you need to observe the right timing for sending your emails.

With ConvertKit’s automation, you can send well-timed and targeted emails to your subscribers.

Analytics and A/B Testing

ConvertKit is lacking in both analytics and A/B testing.

The analytics side lets you track click rate, open rate, subscribers, etc. You can also view the performance of each opt-in form you create of your site. It doesn’t offer advanced analytics though.

On the side is A/B testing, ConvertKit only lets you test the subject lines.

Besides, it only offers two subject line variations.

What You Can Achieve With ConvertKit

As mentioned above, ConvertKit is one of the best tools for creators looking to:

  • Promote blog posts.
  • Build and grow their email list.
  • Deliver content upgrades to the right people at the right time.
  • Tack the performance of their email lists.
  • Build attention-grabbing landing pages.
  • Segmenting email subscribers
  • Automating emails, etc.

ConvertKit Pricing and Support

ConvertKit pricing is perhaps higher than other email marketing service providers out there. It may be suitable to use this tool for nurturing your qualified subscribers due to the remarkable features it offers.

Ideally, ConvertKit has a Free 30-day trial version and a Complete plan.

With the trial plan, you get the following:

ConvertKit's 30-day trial plan

ConvertKit’s Complete plan starts at $29/mo but you can pay annually starting at $25/mo.

This plan offers the following:

ConvertKit's Complete pricing plan

On the side of customer support, ConvertKit offers you 24/7/365 live chat and email support. Aside from that, ConvertKit has an extensive knowledge base, vlogs, and video tutorials to help you when you’re stuck.

Moving from other email marketing solutions? Don’t worry, ConvertKit’s migration assistance system will help you to import your current list, subscribers, opt-in forms, automation, etc. smoothly and easily.

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Over to You

I hope my honest and in-depth ConvertKit review has helped you decide whether it’s the right email marketing tool for you or not. Most of the reviews I see out there are biased that’s why I decided to talk about the good and the bad side of ConvertKit so you can make an informed decision.

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