Is affiliate marketing profitable

Is Affiliate Marketing Still A Profitable Online Business?

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a term that has become so common in today’s era of making money online. It is associated with certain fundamentals that are applied to become a successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing refers to the business or an individual that works on receiving a commission as the affiliate marketers for marketing and promoting someone else’s goods or services. In this work, another company or individual is involved with the marketer, and the marketer will be paid a commission by that respected company or individual for doing publicity of its products or services.

What Is The Procedure and Correct Steps For Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is done with the seller providing a marketer with his brand’s hoardings or banners, online links, and other publicity stuff to promote his product or services. The marketer will use the marketing materials or affiliate links to promote it using different techniques and strategies. When the interested party click on the referred link, they will be redirected to the sales or product page of the seller.

To become a top-leading affiliate marketer, a person has to follow these following tips:

  1. Focus on one product or service: If the affiliate marketer promotes many different products or services at a time, this will cause his efforts to be split up, and it will affect the efficiency and will cause confusion. Hence, it is a good practice for the marketer not to be promoting a variety of products at a period of time and only focus on one product on those that he is most confident with.
  2. Make use of various platforms: It is highly recommended for affiliate marketers to use as many online platforms as possible in order to test out different traffic sources. So you can compare which platform gives you the best return and focus your effort and energy on it. Relying only on one traffic source is not a good strategy as you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket.
  3. Select the appropriate seller: When you are in the beginning phase as an affiliate marketer, you are strongly advised to choose sellers that have products that are proven to convert well and pay on time. The selected seller should be trustworthy, known, and have high-quality products. Because this will eliminate all the risks, and you don’t want to be a victim of a scam where the seller does not pay.
  4. Choose evergreen products: When you decide to promote a particular product, it is advisable to check the demand, trend and the popularity of that specific product. Marketing a brand new product is usually riskier. You are in a better position if you promote evergreen products that are already proven to convert.

So is affiliate marketing profitable? – Yes definitely, it is money-yielding only when you choose the right products to promote with the right marketing strategies. Along with it, how well the product also converts matters, and it is not at all beneficial to do marketing on the products that do not have the data to show that it converts well yet.

Benefits of having an affiliate marketer to the seller:

  1. No fees required: The affiliate marketer will be provided with the resources to promote the product, and the seller is not required to pay any extra charges to the affiliate marketer except his fixed commission. It will be the most cost-effective step for the seller as he only pays when the marketer makes a sale.
  2. Enhances goodwill & recognition: It will give you a big boost to your branding and credibility as other marketers will be promoting you. Therefore, this is an excellent business model if you wish to be known by everyone in a particular niche in a short time. It will increase your reputation as a seller if you manage to get a well-known affiliate marketer promoting your goods and services.
  3. Retaining customers: Your buyers will tend to retain and continue to buy from you. If it is a recurring product or service, they will usually continue to stay subscribed. This is because affiliate marketers tend to have a group of loyal followers or subscribers, and they trust their recommendations by referring you. 
  4. Time saver: The seller does not need to spend time and resources on doing the marketing. He will only have to pay a certain amount of commission to the affiliate marketer, and all the marketing work will be performed by that person without any worries to the seller. Along with fewer burdens, following this technique will also be saving his time.
  5. Increased sales: An experienced affiliate marketer, also known as super affiliates, will usually have a large audience or a database of followers to promote the seller’s product. Thus, a rapid increase in sales can be expected after appointing affiliate marketers to promote your goods or services.
  6. Provide opportunities: When you have more sales, your database of customers will increase. This will give you the opportunity to do an upsell or promote other products in the future. It will also give your new product launch in the future more sales and profits as you can advertise it to your existing growing database of customers.


It is highly contingent on the seller to have the right affiliate marketer for his products and services. He will be getting more profits when a super affiliate is promoting his brand. This will lead to an increased sale, and hence, increased profit. This creates a win-win situation for both parties, the seller, and the affiliate marketer. Hence, the best strategy for the seller would be to have as many super affiliates promoting the product as much as possible. As for the affiliate marketer, the strategy would be to choose a product that is proven to convert or a seller that is highly recognized in the niche.

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