The Kibo Code Review – New Way Of Doing eCommerce?

Are you looking for a course online that can help you achieve your goal of financial freedom and make money online? However, there are too many scams out there that makes bold claim and does not deliver the result you are expecting. In this article, I am going to review The Kibo Code created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, who are 7 figure earners in the internet marketing and eCommerce space.

One of the best and most popular ways to make money online is to run your own eCommerce business. You might be thinking, how do I make money with an eCommerce business? 

Well, to put it short and sweet for you guys, it is basically finding a niche that has demand and reselling products from that niche at a higher price to others who wants it. But, I think most of you guys know the gist of what I am talking about. 

If you don’t know, there are plenty of articles explaining the topic. However, the main question we should ask ourselves is that, how do we actually start an eCommerce business and make it profitable from the get-go? Is there a proven step-by-step strategy where I can implement right away and succeed in the eCommerce space long-term? That is where The Kibo Code comes into play. 

So What Is The Kibo Code?

This is a program that lasts 8 weeks period and in that time, it teaches you its unique method of eCommerce. This unique strategy has been modelled after upon a famous brick & mortar store based in Japan that generates billions of revenue every year. 

So the strategy of these stores in Japan is to fill up their store with all kinds of products. Then after a while, they will track their best selling items and put them in a more visible location in the store. They continue to scale and optimize by adding more items and remove the non-selling ones until almost every item sells like hotcakes. Kibo Code follows the same concept except that it is being done online.

So this is not any ordinary eCommerce course that you can find online. Both Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have made millions upon millions of dollars online in the past few years, using the same method they are going to show you in the course.  

Features of Kibo Code

Kibo Code has a lot of beneficial features over other types of popular eCommerce business models. I will list out all the 5 most important ones here.

1) Having Your Own Store

Firstly, you do not need to rely on selling on platforms such as Amazon. This is very good because when you sell products on Amazon, they will charge a fee for every sold item and also, there is a lot of competition with other sellers which can create a price war. This will greatly hurt your profit margins. 

So if you run your own eCommerce store, not only will you have higher profits, you will also have full control of your business and will not run the risk of getting ban or account close from the platform.

2) No Facebook Ads

You also do not have to run Facebook ads to promote your products. Facebook ads are getting more expensive and competitive. Products promoted with Facebook ads also get saturated over time and, worse still, make you lose money on ad spend with products that do not sell.

So, it is tough for eCommerce to make money like that in the long-term. Fortunately, in this method, you don’t have to use Facebook ads which is one of the best selling points of this course. Most people who run their own eCommerce store heavily uses Facebook ads to promote their products.

3) Low Risk

You don’t need to buy stock in advance. Orders are being fulfilled directly from US-based suppliers and they will send the item to your customer on your behalf. This is also known as dropshipping where you don’t hold any inventory.

This greatly reduces the risk as you only buy the item after you get paid from your customer. It is much better compared to other traditional eCommerce businesses or even Amazon FBA, where they need to spend thousands of dollars upfront to buy inventory and the items may not sell.

4) No Traffic Issue

There will not be an issue of getting traffic to your store. Steve & Aidan will share with you their untapped traffic source, which will drive buyer traffic to your items who are looking to buy at that moment in time. The conversion rate will be much better compared to Facebook ads as people who go to Facebook are usually not looking to buy something.

5) Zero Competition

There will not be any competition as there are millions of products that you can choose from. Unlike selling on platforms or running Facebook ads, you will have to deal with competitions.

Who Is it For?

This program is geared towards newbies or someone who wants to build a proven successful eCommerce business with a unique model. Their one-click setup software makes it easy for you to set up your eCommerce store without any technical knowledge. It comes with a proven theme that converts, which they called it Theme X and also pre-created product listings that you can load directly to your store. You can literally set up a store that is ready to sell and make money within minutes. 

How can Kibo Code Help you?

Kibo Code can help you guys who want to make a long-term income online by building a proven unique eCommerce stress-free method and help you accomplish your goals. Also, they have a 24/7 expert team of support system to answer whatever queries you have if you encounter any difficulty along the way. As a member of the Kibo code, you are also invited to their live events.


Overall, I think the Kibo code is one of the best eCommerce programs in the market so far due to its unique way of making money and how easy it is to get a store up and running. The only con is that this is a high-ticket program and not everyone can afford it. However, I think it is still worth the investment as this business model can generate you a full-time income for many years and only requires you a few hours a day to maintain. 

The success rate of this program is pretty high as it focuses on long term profits compared to other make money online models which only generate you short term profit. You just have to follow through the 8-week program, take action, be consistent and you should see good results. 

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