Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – Don’t Join Before You Read This

Are you looking to train affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate?

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You must have read and heard people say that Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful training program for aspiring affiliate marketers and experienced internet entrepreneurs, but can you make money on the internet as an affiliate marketer? Is the program worth it?

In this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review 2020, I will show and reveal everything to you about the program.

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How Wealthy Affiliate Started

Wealthy Affiliate was launched on September 10th, 2005 by two Canadian internet marketers Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

The two entrepreneurs met back in 2002 when they were broke and were pursuing their degree in computer science. It is then when they decided to learn how to make money online.

After learning how to generate revenue on the internet, the duo decided to teach others how to earn money on the internet.

That’s how Wealthy Affiliate was born.

Initially, WA focused on helping affiliate marketers to find a list of keywords every week for $29.99 and double their affiliate earnings. The program had no free membership.

A few months later, WA members grew to 50+. It is then that the Wealthy Affiliate Forum was introduced.

When WA started to grow bigger, the two decided to hire their first employee. They also created more training modules and created their blogging platform WA Spaces. All this happened in 2006.

Things were not rosy all this time though since Wealthy Affiliate faced huge competition.

Kyle and Carson created their SiteRubix in 2007. This was to help WA members design and host their affiliate marketing websites without a hassle.

SiteRubix website building and hosting tool

In the same year, another blogging platform you are probably using (WordPress) started to gain popularity.

In 2008, SiteRubix 2.0 having consumed a lot of the duos’ time and hundreds of thousands of dollars, was dropped.

Did Kyle and Carson give up?

They say true entrepreneurs don’t give up but they change tactics. Don’t ask me where that is written because I also don’t know.

The two decided to improve the program and grow the WA community.

So in 2009, they created a virtual training center and introduced the premium membership.

The following year, they created the WA blog and raised their pricing to $97 per month.

In 2011, they introduced the Live Chat that enables members to get real-time support.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool was introduced in 2012 to help members find search terms users are entering in search engines.

Currently, Wealthy Affiliate is ranked as the go-to platform for online entrepreneurs by more than 50,000+ authority bloggers. It is now a community of more than 1.5 million members including internet entrepreneurs and marketers across 193 countries.

Wealthy Affiliate was created by aspiring entrepreneurs who were penniless and wanted to learn how to make money online.

And shockingly, the platform offers tons of other tools for website building, research, domain registration, and many others just to help you start and run your online business with ease.

Shall we proceed?

…okay, let’s do this…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson to train new affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs on how to create a successful business online by designing professional and stunning websites and driving targeted traffic through creation of high-quality content.

The platform offers a website hosting tool, step-by-step training, and effective customer support to help you start and run your online business quickly without a hassle.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches members how to create beautiful websites, search engine optimization, and how to launch a successful business on the internet.


What Wealthy Affiliate requires of you is your time, passion; creativity and persistence- Don’t expect good things to happen overnight.

When you become a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will be trained on different topics such as internet entrepreneurship, content creation, digital marketing, and many others. If you hit a snag, you can reach out to their customer support via the Live Chat feature.

The good thing the sets WA apart from other affiliate marketing platforms is that it doesn’t promise you to make money while you are asleep. The platform offers you the right training, tools, and resources so you can start your online business with ease.

Here is the thing:

When you are still an amateur in the world of affiliate marketing, it can be difficult and almost impossible to find a reliable and trustworthy platform to nurture your affiliate marketing dream.

Worst of it all, most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there are published by WA members who are looking to earn commissions by coaxing you to join the platform without showing you the bad side of the platform.

First things first, before you join the affiliate training program, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to invest the time and effort in the Wealthy Affiliate training?

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick method, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. The platform doesn’t promise you overnight riches.

  • Are you a good networker?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for tons of members. To see success in this platform, you must be willing to interact, engage, and network with other members. If you are an introvert then perhaps you should reconsider your thoughts of joining the platform.

  • Can you create compelling content?

See, when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Wealthy Affiliate focuses on training members on how to drive more traffic with high-quality content.

If you aren’t willing to invest your time and effort to churn out compelling content then think twice before you join Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Can you afford the membership fee?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options: See the screenshot below.

Wealthy Affiliate membership
  1. The Starter membership is for aspiring internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. It costs you $0/mo to join and is free forever.

This plan lacks plenty of benefits you could get with the Premium membership though.

  1. Premium membership costs you $49/mo- don’t worry, you can cancel your membership subscription anytime you want.

You can also pay yearly which costs you $359 hence saving you around $229.

Let’s do the math:

Monthly subscription>>$49 x 12 months = $588

Yearly subscription>>$359

So $588 – $359= $229. Isn’t this a good deal?

If your budget can’t allow you to cough that figure per month or yearly, then perhaps WA isn’t for you because even if you join the Starter membership plan, you will not get the most out of the platform.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you- Wealthy Affiliate review 2020

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone willing to invest their time and effort in starting, developing, and maintaining their online business.

If you are looking to learn, develop skills necessary for a successful affiliate marketing business model then WA is for you.

I’ve encountered all types of members from new affiliate marketers to those with some experience in internet marketing to successful online entrepreneurs.

But generally, Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for both beginners who know nothing about building websites and affiliate marketing and experienced bloggers who are looking to learn how to make money from niche marketing.

With that let’s take a look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers

Wealthy Affiliate Features & Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate offers plenty of features suitable for beginners looking to learn how to build websites, drive traffic, and for experienced bloggers looking to monetize their blogs.

Here are the amazing features of Wealthy Affiliate:


Wealthy Affiliate has two different training modules: Online Entrepreneurship Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. The first course is meant to teach you how to become internet entrepreneurship while the second one teaches you how to make money by promoting their platform (WA).

The two courses are broken down into numerous levels with each level focusing on helping you to create and promote your online business.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification program

Online Entrepreneur Certification certification Wealthy Affiliate

This program has five levels and each level has ten lessons, making a total of 50 lessons. You will get study materials and watch interactive videos during your Wealthy Affiliate training.

The five levels include:

  1. Getting Started- In this level, you will learn how to complete your profile, familiarize yourself with the WA community, choose a topic, and create your website. You will also learn how to optimize your website for search engines.
  2. Driving Traffic- Here, you will learn how to drive organic traffic to your affiliate website through SEO. You will get tips on how to find the right keywords and create keyword-rich content.
  3. Make Money Online- The third level shares tips on how to make money from the traffic coming to your website. You will learn how to deal with affiliate links and affiliate programs.
  4. Mastering Social Engagement- You will learn how to take advantage of social media traffic.
  5. Content Creation- The fifth level focuses on training members on how to craft compelling content that people want to read.

As mentioned above the Affiliate Bootcamp aims at training members on how to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You get tips on how to become an affiliate of the platform.

The Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

It is also broken down into seven courses each with ten lessons, making a total of 70 lessons.

  1. Website Building- In this level, you learn how to build your website and get your online business running.
  2. Keyword Research- Here, you learn how to find and use the right keywords that convert when promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Social Media- Here, you learn how to take advantage of social media to drive traffic to your website.
  4. Getting Visual and Aesthetic- In this level, you learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate in a way that attracts readers.
  5. Creation of Engaging Content- This level shares plenty of Wealthy Affiliate tips to create engaging content. You also learn how to leverage YouTube to drive traffic to your website.
  6. Understand How to Work with Search Engines- This level equips you with techniques on how to use Bing, Yahoo, and PPC.
  7. Increase Your PPC Campaign Success- Level seven of the Affiliate Bootcamp shows you how to increase your success with PPC ads.

You will also get live webinars from experienced and successful Wealthy Affiliate members weekly. These webinars are helpful to get you to interact with the community and have your questions answered by professionals.

Note that this feature is only accessible for the premium membership plan.

The good thing about these two courses is that they help you get started creating your online business with ease.

Think about how involving and tiresome it could be if you were to start building your online business by using the information available on the internet. Some of the information scattered on the internet doesn’t help- it is created by people who are looking to promise you heaven while delivering hell.

The only drawback with their training is that the founders don’t show you how to build backlinks and off-page SEO which is something Google considers the most when it comes to the ranking of your website.

The training emphasizes more on PPC advertising which could be detrimental in case you don’t monitor and optimize your campaigns- you could end up putting in a lot of money without getting great results.

In-House Website Builder and Hosting Solution

Another amazing feature offered by the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a website builder and hosting tool- SiteRubix created in 2007. The tool is integrated with WordPress.

With this tool, you can build professional and stunning websites fast without needing coding skills.

There are more than 3,000+ templates you just need to pick the best template for your website and tweak it as you want.

If you know nothing about website building, you will find the SiteRubix tool being useful to you.

You will also get domain registration services where you can register your custom domain or use a free one. Moving your registered domain name to Wealthy Affiliate is also a breeze.

The good thing about SiteRubix is that it’s an easy-to-use feature. You can also install an SSL certificate which is a necessary element in today’s online world.

Perhaps a few things that put me off with SiteRubix is that it doesn’t give you full control over your website. You will be restricted to use their theme and elements only.

This means that if you want to quit Wealthy Affiliate, then you will have a lot of work to do because your entire website essential features (domain, hosting, and website design) are managed by WA. You will have challenges when migrating your website outside the platform.

Research Tool – Jaaxy

Jaaxy keyword research tool Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

To be successful with your online business, you must conduct effective market research regularly.

First, you have to choose a profitable niche.

Secondly, find the right keywords in your niche.

Thirdly, you must stay up-to-date in your industry.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is integrated with WA and works the same as other keyword research tools out there. This tool lets you do all of the above things.

You just enter your seed keywords and the tool will display relevant and popular keywords in your niche. You will also know how much searches a keyword gets and the competition.

Note that Jaaxy Pro costs $49 but there is a free version of the keyword research tool called Jaaxy Lite.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate Community

If there is one feature that makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from the crowd then it is the WA community. The WA community has 800,000+ participants across 195 countries as I write this Wealthy Affiliate review 2020.

If you are already a member you must agree with me on this.

If you join WA, you will be able to get 24/7 support from experts and the founders. The platform also allows you to communicate with other members privately.

If you get stuck and need help, the Live Chat helps you to get real-time help from experienced members.

You can also read inspiring stories of successful WA members.

As mentioned above, to see immense success with Wealthy Affiliate, you must be willing to engage with the community. When you become successful, you should also give back to the community by handholding beginners.


Wealthy affiliate has two pricing points. A free one that allows you access to limited features and the premium membership option that costs $49/mo.

It is important to make sure you are willing to invest the time required in the platform before joining the premium option.

Remember that the membership fee is for domain registration, website building and hosting, and research tools. Think about how much it could cost you if you were to find a keyword research tool outside. Wealthy Affiliate was launched by broke students and it still has people working on a budget in mind.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

It is so unfortunate that most Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there focus on coaxing readers to sign-up. You will read articles with “Wealthy Affiliate Review: Does it Really Work? or “Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit”… and very many other attention-grabbing titles but once you get inside, all you read is a one-sided view of the platform.

Most of these reviews are published by Wealthy Affiliate members who earn a commission when you join the platform.

Well, I decided to take a different approach. To publish this unbiased Wealthy Affiliate review so you can make your own decision.

The good thing is that Wealthy Affiliate is already a household name in the affiliate marketing industry given more than 63,247+ websites are using Wealthy Affiliate.

Distinguishing Features that Set Wealthy Affiliate Apart from Other Platforms

Unlike other platforms out there, Wealthy Affiliate is built with beginners in mind. Here are a few features of WA you will not get them in any other platform out there:


The Wealthy Affiliate user interface is easy to use by beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike. Everything is straightforward so you can easily move from one part of the platform to another without a hitch.

Their website building and hosting tool- SiteRubix is integrated with WordPress. You already know (or have read) how WordPress allows users to create websites in a record time without needing coding skills.


Wealthy Affiliate delivers on its promises. When you join the platform, you will access the right training materials aimed at helping you start an online business with ease.

The platform offers live webinars and video tutorials together with text-based study materials so the training is not only easier to understand but is also engaging.

The platform lacks advanced features of modern tools though, so most of them are suitable for beginners.

Customer Support

Another aspect that makes Wealthy Affiliate to shine over the other platforms is its outstanding customer service. It’s a community-driven platform where experienced members offer help to beginners. You can even communicate with members via private messaging option.


You pay $49/mo and access to plenty of features such as live chat, website builder and hosting tool, keyword research tool, domain registration, etc. You can also sign up for free and use the platform free forever, although there are lots of limitations with the free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

If I were to provide the answer to this question, then I would say YES, WA is worth the money. Think about any affiliate marketing training course out there that offers you almost everything in one package at a pocket-friendly price and share it with us in the comment section.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Created For?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training course/platform created for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs who are looking to learn how to build a website, find the right keywords and niche, and make money online. You get all these under one package of $49/mo.

What Type of Support Does Wealthy Affiliate Offers?

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the unmatched types of customer support out there.

When you asked a question, it will not take long before you get an answer.

The platform lets users get help through:

  • Direct private messaging- you can even contact the founders directly if you are a Premium member.
  • Live chat
  • Q&A
  • 24/7/365 WordPress hosting support.
  • Etc.

Is Wealthy Affiliate scam or legit?

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform with 34,308 live websites currently. Note that the platform doesn’t endorse the how to make money online fast notion.

After all, building a successful online business takes time so if a platform promises results overnight, think twice before you join it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

Wealthy Affiliate number of users

No, if it were a pyramid scheme, it couldn’t have reached 1,400,000+members. Wealthy Affiliate is just an affiliate marketing training course that teaches you how to build a successful online business.

What’s the Wealthy Affiliate Membership Fee?

Wealthy Affiliate has two: A Starter with limited functionality and a Premium membership that costs $49/mo. I would recommend you to join the free option until you get familiar with the platform then advance to the Premium plan. To save on costs, I would recommend you pay yearly. It will save you close to $225.

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Here are the things I like the most about the Wealthy Affiliate program.

It is free to join

Yes, you hear me: It’s free to try the website. Through the Wealthy Affiliate free Starter membership option, you can access:

  • Video tutorials
  • The beginner training course
  • Live help in the first 7 days of joining
  • Interactive coaching in the first 7 days of joining
  • 30 searches on the Keyword Research Tool
  • A personal affiliate blog

Note that the free option has limited features but you will learn what the platform is all about and how it works.

I advise my readers to start with the free membership option then upgrade to the Premium plan once one gets familiar with the platform.

The price has remained the same

See, many affiliate training courses increase their fee once they hit the $1,000 mark but Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t increased its fee in 15 years since it was launched in 2005.

The Premium membership costs $49/mo or $359/yr. The price caters for everything from website building to domain registration and keyword research.

Think about it: Most web hosting will charge over $50/mo to host your site.

Unmatched customer support

As with any other affiliate training platform, things can go south on Wealthy Affiliate, but in case of any problem, you can seek help via different channels from live chat to direct messaging and Q&A.

Wealthy Affiliate has an active community ready to answer your question 24/7/365 days.

You can contact the founders (Kyle and Carson) directly

See, most of the affiliate marketing courses out there don’t disclose who their owners are and if they do, you can’t contact them. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will be greeted by the founders.

And if you upgrade to the Premium membership, you will contact them all the time if you have any problem.

Launched by successful internet entrepreneurs

Kyle and Carson started by learning how to make money online before they launched the Wealthy Affiliate platform to teach other people how to earn a living with affiliate marketing.

They have trained millions of internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Tons of resources and study materials

Wealthy Affiliate has an abundance of features, tools, and resources: SiteRubix, a website builder, live webinars, 24/7 customer support, and plenty of study materials.

The platform has perhaps the most active a huge community connecting members from across 193 countries.

There is proof that the system works

Every day, hundreds of thousands of members share their Wealthy Affiliate success stories after going through the training course.

Some have seen their website get indexed on Google, some have made more than $1,000 in a day and some have even quit their jobs to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a look at a few Wealthy Affiliate success feedback below:

Wealthy Affiliate Members Feedback

You can promote anything

Yes, it is exactly that. You are not restricted to promote certain products only. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to start and run your online business.

You can promote everything you want in your online business from pets to gadgets to loans.

As I had promised you, my Wealthy Affiliate review is impartial. I will show you both sides of the coin and here is:

What I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

After all, even the angles have their weaknesses and to help you make an informed decision, it would be fair for me to show you the bad and good sides of the platform.

So here are the bad sides.

The free Starter membership is limiting

Wealthy Affiliate claims to offer two membership options:  Starter and Premium. But here is the thing: unless you become a premium member, you will access limited resources and features.

That means you will not get all the stuff you want unless you advance to their Premium membership- pay $49/mo.

Too many members

The fact that you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free has made it a crowded space. This means that even jokers are joining the platform.

Had there been a barrier to entry, for instance, if the membership fee could be increased only serious marketers could join the platform.

Think about the cost of buying McDonald’s franchise currently. Had there been no barrier to entry, there would’ve been more McDonald’s restaurants than you can imagine.

And this makes it difficult to make a lot of money on the platform which shows why 95% of affiliate marketers fail.

My Final Verdict

Here is my final say: Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine platform and powerful for anyone looking to learn how to start, grow, and maintain an online business or generate extra income on the side.

After all, 1, 400,000 members cannot be wrong. Of course, there are many complaints and negative feedback about the platform but the positive comments and feedback outweigh the negative ones.

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